Your Natural BehaviorWorks Services

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) has, at times, been at the center of debate, and we can understand why. Not every organization does ABA as it is intended. BehaviorWorks believes in and abides by only proven scientific principles of ABA that enable us to connect with our patients, resulting in patient self-motivation for sustainable change. 

In-Office Services

The natural environment for your child

Individuals with special-needs are often very sensitive to stimuli. Our office's structure and muted color schemes are intentionally minimalist to provide the best possible learning environment. Additionally, we provide a variety of services intended to make us your natural choice for ABA therapy.

In-Home Services

expert support meets you where you are 

We work with our families in their homes, to address behaviors they need changed while providing both therapeutic care and supportive consultative care. We even coordinate with your child's other specialists by accompanying you to their appointments and working to implement specialist recommendations into your treatment plan.


In-School Services

making transitions easier

Whether you need a consultant to help train your child's teachers, administrators and classroom helpers, or you need on-site behavioral therapy for your child, BehaviorWorks facilitates integration into the school environment. 

Continuum of Care

for every stage of growth

Just because our patients turn eighteen, that doesn't mean they won't still need help navigating the nuances of their adult world. BehaviorWorks offices are set up to also provide services for adults.

BehaviorWorks prides itself on creating a partnership with families to identify behavior change treatment plans that would positively impact the client and family the most. This approach focuses around the individual, their family, and community. As unique as each individual is, so are their treatment plans.