Fall into September w/ fun fall activities

Falling Leaves 


Have your child help rake the leaves with you and also create a pile with those leaves. Small activities as in having your child run and jump in the leaves can bring so much joy to them. You can also get creative with the leaves. Create leaf angels or just make different images with the leaves. Do not forget to participate in any activity they do as well. Make sure you take pictures to document these memories.l take pictures to document these memories.

Leaf Sensory Bin


Another way to get your child involved is to try to help them understand what they are feeling, touchin  g, and seeing. Grab a container bin. Apply some leaves, pine cones, popcorn seeds, acorns, and whatever else you see from outside. Explain to your child what each item is, even if it something so small. You can also decorate their room with some of those items, to match the current season.

Paint a Leaf 


Before you decorate the home with those items, have you and your child decorate the items first! Grab a paint brush or simply use your hands and create something out of those items. Hang it up, and that will do wonders for the child. If things get messy, that’s fine! It’s these moments with them that will help develop and mold their character as they grow older.

Explore Nature 


 Last but not least, explore the outside world. Take them for a walk, either at the park, or in the woods. Anything they seem fascinated about, explain to them the details of that item. It is also great exercise for them. You can also create a scavenger hunt in your backyard with items that you and your child collect during those walks. This will help make them feel that they are involved in everything that you do, even if you are just doing it for them.