In-Home Services

Family plays an important role in a child's progress. Comprehensive caregiver training is included for all programs so that you can maximize your child's benefit from ABA therapy.


Adaptive skills

Certain independent living skills that your child will need later in life need to be practiced early and often. Shopping, cooking, taking the bus to work, and taking care of a pet are some examples of adaptive skills. Because children on the spectrum often don't pick up on nuanced behavior, they need explicit directions and repetition to learn these life-skills. BehaviorWorks will develop a plan and work with your family to develop adaptive skills.


tantrum prevention

If you find your child throwing a tantrum when all you are trying to do is play, there may be environmental factors contributing to the meltdown. BehaviorWorks technicians will work with you to learn how to pinpoint the cause(s) for these meltdowns. We will help you learn to identify patterns in the times, settings, people, and activities that took place at the time of the adverse event.


ABA At Home

We understand that life doesn't stop because your child needs services outside of school. If you don't have the time or resources for ABA in the clinic, we can come to your home. We'll even teach you about the therapy so you can practice when we are away.