Parenting Children with Autism

 Autism is a spectrum disorder and the abilities of children with ASD vary and therefore it is important for each child to receive a individualized support he or she needs. Parenting a child with ASD poses challenges that are unique to the child's skills and symptoms.



When parents become concerned that their child is not following a normal developmental course, they turn to experts, including, medical professionals, and specialist for a diagnosis.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis is usually made by a pediatric specialist or ideally a team of ASD or developmental specialists.

Talk with your doctor if you feel your child needs to be screened and share your concerns.


EArly intervention

The goal of Early Intervention is to help children with developmental delays as soon as possible.

Research has shown that early intervention can overall improve a child’s development. Children who receive appropriate education and treatment programs are more likely to gain essential social skills and reach their fullest potential.

Eligibility for EI is determined after a child had been evaluated by a medical professional.


SChool Age

Some school-aged children and youth with characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder are not identified earlier.

Many children are often diagnosed with autism once they get to school, when their social communication and behaviors mark their development out as different to their peers.