Self-Help Skills

Being able to complete tasks without aid can be very rewarding and confidence-building for your child. It can also be quite relieving for you as parents to know that your child can safely navigate his or her environment without you. BehaviorWorks behavioral technicians will work with you and your child to set goals and attain them.


It's important for children to be able to identify and ask for what they need and want. With this fundamental skill in place, we can address a number of more complex self-help skills.



Manipulating buttons, snaps, zippers and shoelaces are essential self-help skills that may take a bit longer to learn for children with autism. Our technicians work regularly with children to master these skills.


toilet training

Toilet training can be challenging and time consuming for parents. BehaviorWorks behavioral technicians are well-equipped to teach this essential self-help skill which includes proper hygiene.